Exhibition Digest | January 2021: The Britton Edition In this week’s digest we are thrilled to doff our caps to some friends from across the pond. Exhibition | Mariana Castillo Deball Blurring the lines between 'Making and knowing something' FotoFile | Minimalist Master Martin Smith Smith has achieved international recognition as one of the UK’s leading ceramic artists. Exhibition Digest | December 2020: McCollum, Michikawa, Leoni + More! These stories of ceramics exhibitions from around the globe were just too tasty for us to keep to ourselves. Enjoy! Feature | Theaster Gates: Artist Uses Pots to Unite Ancient Traditions with Modernist Aesthetics. Spotted | December 2020: Electric Fire and Microbes Some things are just too good not to share. Have a look at the impressive work of Kirsten Willders and peer into some entrancing Petri Dishes.