CFile Foundation

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CFile Foundation is a non-profit, donor-supported organization that offers a global online community for ceramic creatives working in art, design, architecture, and technology. The Foundation’s mission is to foster dialogue about ceramics across the many disciplines of the visual arts and to support higher education about ceramics in art schools and universities. The heart of this mission is a free online campus and knowledge center anchored by The Weekly, a free news magazine edited by the renowned scholar and writer, Garth Clark.  The Weekly, which is read in over 125 countries, presents critical reviews, commentaries, and multimedia news coverage about cutting-edge ceramics to a global audience.

On November 1, we premiere CFile Critical, an online journal for scholarly writings. In 2015, the first CFile Ceramic Innovation Awards will recognize outstanding books, exhibitions, installations, product design, architecture and more. Our Conference Lab opens in 2016.

CFile is donor supported so please consider joining our supporter group